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OpenLDAP Backended by MSSQL

Hello List,

I am about to embark upon a project that requires me to create a MS SQL
database that is accessible via an LDAP front end.  Unfortunately
(depending on your point of view) I am tied to Windows OS's for the
entire infrastructure.

Having never worked with LDAP before, I have spent an amount of time
researching this, but to be brutally honest I have not got very far.

Reading through the Faq-o-Matic at openldap.org it seems that MSSQL is
not "officially" supported/tested. So before I go steaming down the
wrong track, my questions are:

- Will the combination of Open LDAP & MSSQL work reliably?
- If it is possible is anybody aware of any tutorials / docs that
provide a guide to this type of configuration/setup

If this project reaches production, the LDAP server is likely to hold
upwards of 2 million records with 100's of transactions per second,
based on the information in the docs I have a feeling the configuration
described above will probably keel over and die, or take minutes to
respond.  So while the "preferred" option is for the MSSQL backend, I am
going to try and sell a pure *nix/Open LDAP setup.  Before I do this
though, is pure Open LDAP proven under this level of load.