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Re: OpenLDAP Backended by MSSQL

> Reading through the Faq-o-Matic at openldap.org it seems that MSSQL is
> not "officially" supported/tested.

This means that developers (myself) don't routinely test it with MSSQL; I
know of people that do use MSSQL with OpenLDAP's back-sql and apparently
they're happy about it.

> So before I go steaming down the
> wrong track, my questions are:
> - Will the combination of Open LDAP & MSSQL work reliably?

Yes.  It maynot be trivial to configure, especially with respect to wrotes
via LDAP.

> - If it is possible is anybody aware of any tutorials / docs that
> provide a guide to this type of configuration/setup

I don't know about anything specific to interacting with MSSQL; most of
the docs you find on the OpenLDAP site (essentially, the README in the
back-sql sources, the FAQ entries and portions of the slapd-sql(5) man
page) were written by myself mostly playing with PostgreSQL, but there's
very little specific to that RDBMS.  Assuming that you know yourself how
to install, configure and run MSSQL and its ODBC driver(s), the rest
should not differ much from what reported for other RDBMSes.  Maybe
someone that's successfully using MSSQL with back-sql may step in at this

> If this project reaches production, the LDAP server is likely to hold
> upwards of 2 million records with 100's of transactions per second,
> based on the information in the docs I have a feeling the configuration
> described above will probably keel over and die, or take minutes to
> respond.  So while the "preferred" option is for the MSSQL backend, I am
> going to try and sell a pure *nix/Open LDAP setup.  Before I do this
> though, is pure Open LDAP proven under this level of load.

The size of the database won't be an issue for back-sql (it may be for the
RDBMS).  The load level could be an issue; it heavily depends on the
hardware you're using, though.  My tests usually reduce to running "make
sql" after properly setting up the test database for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
 If you need more specific support, I suggest you seek professional help
in setting up a production-level back-sql.


Pierangelo Masarati

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