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Re: Slurp One Shot

Make sure slapd and slurpd are logging to different places, make sure
that starting slapd/slurpd with "service" uses the correct config
files, etc.


On 7/2/05, Scott Mayo <sgmayo@mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us> wrote:
> Well, I thought everything was going ok with my replica servers, but I
> have one problem.  The only way that replication seems to work is if I
> do a One Shot mode /usr/sbin/slurpd -d -1 -r "/var/lib/ldap/replog" -o
> If I add a user and then do that, it works fine, but if I do a 'service
> ldap start' and then add the user, it does not get replicated and an
> ldapsearch from the Slave does not see it either.
> I have the same problem if I add the user from either the Master or the
> Slave.  I have to make sure that slurp is not running and run it in One
> Shot mode.
> If slurp is running it clears my replog out, but that is it.  Any ideas
> of what to look at here?  I cannot understand why it works in One Shot
> mode, but not regulary.