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Slurp One Shot

Well, I thought everything was going ok with my replica servers, but I have one problem. The only way that replication seems to work is if I do a One Shot mode /usr/sbin/slurpd -d -1 -r "/var/lib/ldap/replog" -o
If I add a user and then do that, it works fine, but if I do a 'service ldap start' and then add the user, it does not get replicated and an ldapsearch from the Slave does not see it either.

I have the same problem if I add the user from either the Master or the Slave. I have to make sure that slurp is not running and run it in One Shot mode.

If slurp is running it clears my replog out, but that is it. Any ideas of what to look at here? I cannot understand why it works in One Shot mode, but not regulary.

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