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Re: ldapsearch

matthew sporleder wrote:
If you're using slurpd, there will be a .rej log that will show you
why that entry was not replicated.

I figured the above error out.  I had a small typo.  But now I guess
that the replication is not working.  Here is what I have done.

I have my master and slave dlap servers going.  I added my users to the
master and then shutdown the ldap servers on both.  I then used the
slapcat and slap add to get my database over to the slave.  I then
restarted my servers.  From both the master and the slave, the
ldapsearch seems to work fine.

Next I added another user from the master.  Once again I can use the
ldapsearch and everything looks fine from the master or the slave.  Now
if I shutdown the master ldap server and do the ldapsearch from the
slave, it shows me all of the information except for the user that I
just added.  So I presume that the replication did not work.  I would
think that the user I added would still show up here if it did.

Any suggestions?

That is the other thing. I cannot find a .rej log file on either of the servers.

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