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Re: back-sql Error Message

>> This is an ODBC issue: apparently the DSN you're using in slapd.conf
>> cannot be resolved into some configuration in your ODBCINI file.
> Yes but I can connect with ths DSN name via the isql program that ships
> with the Easysoft ODBC driver

That's better than nothing...

>> Since all above errors present very clear and self-explaining
>> diagnostics, I suggest you try solving each issue separately before
>> you post again, possibly with some evidence of problems in OpenLDAP
>> software.
> Is there any documentation on  where OpenLDAP goes to look for the
> correct ODBC driver and ini file. I have followed the
> following  documentation  and it does not work.
> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200103/msg00701.html

OpenLDAP software knows nothing about that; it is the ODBC library that
knows where to look for, e.g. in the defautl place it was compiled for, or
wherever the ODBCINI environment variable tells it to look.  slapd-sql(5)
should tell you what to put in ODBC related values for the database name
(i.e. the DSN), the user and the credentials; I'm not quite sure if the
latter are required in case they're already provided in the odbc.ini file.


Pierangelo Masarati

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