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Re: SyncRep - 1 provider : n consumer [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser wrote:

 Coming back to this ->
 where Howard Chu said:

 "In practice this requirement is of little value and is contrary to
 one of syncrepl's other design points - the provider is not supposed
 to need to maintain any special state about individual consumers.
 Verifying that the search parameters are identical between requests
 would require the provider to maintain a list of all the syncrepl
 requests it has received, and OpenLDAP doesn't do this."

 Does it mean, it is not recommened to use n consumers with 1
 SynRep-provider (for the same database)?

No, that is not what it means. A single provider can serve any number of consumers. My point in the text above is that there is little value in having the syncrepl provider validate the consumer's request cookie by calculating a hash of all of the request parameters. Nothing is gained by performing such a validation step, and OpenLDAP does not do that validation.

If not, how should sid and rid be configured?

As I stated in the above referenced message, the OpenLDAP 2.2 syncrepl design is flawed. The sessionlog was ineffective on the provider side and there is no way to configure the sid in OpenLDAP 2.2 on the consumer side.

 Howard Chu said: "The sessionlog only looks at the sid, and the
 provider and consumer sid must match."

 Put one sessionlog-statement per consumer with individual sid in the
 provider's slapd.conf? [But I can't see any Relation between the
 consumer configured rid an the sessionlog-statement..]

There is no relation between the rid and the sid.

I suggest you switch to OpenLDAP 2.3 and forget everything you have ever read about sid's in OpenLDAP 2.2. It was poorly conceived; none of it made any sense. The notion of sid has been completely removed in OpenLDAP 2.3, the syncrepl is significantly simplified now, and all of this functionality actually works as intended.

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