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SyncRep - 1 provider : n consumer [auf Viren überprüft]


Coming back to this
-> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200501/msg00375.html
where Howard Chu said:

"In practice this requirement is of little value and is contrary to one of syncrepl's other design points - the provider is not supposed to need to maintain any special state about individual consumers. Verifying that the search parameters are identical between requests would require the provider to maintain a list of all the syncrepl requests it has received, and OpenLDAP doesn't do this."

Does it mean, it is not recommened to use n consumers with 1 SynRep-provider (for the same database)?
If not, how should sid and rid be configured?

Howard Chu said:
"The sessionlog only looks at the sid, and the provider and consumer sid must match."

Put one sessionlog-statement per consumer with individual sid in the provider's slapd.conf?
[But I can't see any Relation between the consumer configured rid an the sessionlog-statement..]