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Re: Failover Master setup

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Digant C Kasundra wrote:

Hello everyone,

A month or two down the line, we are hoping to have our PeopleSoft
Student Information System write directly to our LDAP directory.  As
such, the question of "why are we using OpenLDAP if it can't do
multi-master" is cropping up from my superiors.  As OpenLDAP does not
support multi-master (for good reason, I think), I was wanting to try to
figure out a way to setup a failover master and was wondering if anyone
has done work in this area?

As it would work in my head, M1 would replicate to M2 and all the
slaves.  A heartbeat on M2 would monitory to make sure M1 was active.
If M1 goes down, M2 would rewrite its config to replicate to M1 and the
slaves and would take over as the master server.

Anyone given thought to this sort of setup?  I've never had my master
server fail but I need to appease the naysayers. :)

Here's one "failover master" approach: http://linuxjournal.com/article/5505

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