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Re: After limiting ./configure options I lost nis.schema and openldap.schema

jay alvarez wrote:

Good day,
  I have some questions regarding the "configure"
script during openldap installation.

First, what does it mean when an option has a default
value of [auto]?

Next, I've been battling with ./configure options for
quite some time and I just can't figure out the right
combination of options to pass to configure script
such that one wrong option makes the 'make test' fail.
And so for the last time, I decided to just pass these
arguments hoping that make test will work.

To successfully pass every test, you will need command something like ..
./configure --with-ssl --with-tls --enable-wrappers --enable-hdb --enable-ldbm

You may also need to specify some paths in environment variables.
You may find some useful info here http://www.proscrutiny.com/howtos/OpenLDAP.html

And it did, but to my surprise, I can't find the
nis.schema and openldap.schema located in schema
directory of my installation. What configure options
do I need to have them included in my installation?

You will find only core.schema file installed in schema directory. Rest you will have
paste from elsewhere, dictated by your needs.

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