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Re: slapd/bdb stability problem

--On Friday, June 03, 2005 10:44 AM +0100 rob fielding <rob@dsvr.net> wrote:

As for why, I do not know. Because our imports take so long (even on
sunfire z20s) pull and pushing data takes ages and the hangs occur at
some point later, usually when I chop out a portion of the tree and
ldapadd a new one in. The chop will lock, I'll kill it resulting in
broken db, fixable by my process above. This might be because of our
data - it's a huge mess of data, with some directories contains lots of
entries (>9000). I wouldn't have thought this to be a problem though.
We're also using openldap in with a rootless tree, something else which
may others aren't doing.

Imports for me on a SunFire v20z of a 10k database took less than 20 seconds, indexing 27 attributes. I would guess you aren't setting the appropriate flags in BDB_CONFIG to disable various unnecessary bits while doing the import.


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