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Re: Multimaster support in OpenLDAP

Couldn't multi-master setup be achieved with a replicating sql
backend?  I don't know enough about pgsql to speak on how to do it,
but in mysql you can setup master-master replication (where a change
to one goes to the other in close-to-real time) on the backend
database, thus achieving multiple masters.  As far as client's server
pooling, back-meta does that, or you can always load balance.

Mysql info taken from O'Reilly's High Performance MySQL.
A few pgsql websites imply that there are many replication solutions for it.

On 6/2/05, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote:
> At 07:48 AM 6/2/2005, Shawn Kennedy wrote:
> >Given we don't want to discuss on this list
> >the *other* package, I'm very interested
> >in learning about multimaster support in
> >OpenLDAP. Other than a few comments in the
> >Administrator's Guide, I don't see anything
> >about how to set up and use such a beast
> >in openLDAP.   Can anyone give me a few
> >pointers on how to set this up beyond
> >the config option of "--enable_mulitmaster"?
> That option does not exist in any modern version
> of OpenLDAP Software.  While the remains of the old,
> experimental MMR code remains in slapd(8), it does
> so only in hopes that someone might work on it,
> document how it works, etc..   Likely the mention
> of this code in the admin guide should be removed.
> Kurt