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smbk5pwd: ldap_pvt_thread_pool_getkey fails, etc...

I posted about this before. Now, I've tracked down the location of the problem, but don't know enough about OpenLDAP to determine the cause.

I'm using 2.2.15 (SuSE package). smbk5pwd is from HEAD a few days ago.

When the {K5KEY} attribute is checked, it returns from k5key_chk at the statement:
        if ( ldap_pvt_thread_pool_getkey( ctx, smbk5pwd_op_cleanup, (void **    >>>)&op, NULL ) ||
                !op )
                return LUTIL_PASSWD_ERR;

When a password change operation is called, it returns from smbk5pwd_exop_passwd.

With the modification:
        /* Not the operation we expected, pass it on... */
        if ( ber_bvcmp( &slap_EXOP_MODIFY_PASSWD, &op->ore_reqoid ) ) {
                    "\tWant: %s, got: %s"
                    ,(&slap_EXOP_MODIFY_PASSWD)->bv_val,(&op->ore_reqoid)-      >>>>bv_val,0);  
                return SLAP_CB_CONTINUE;

I get:      Want:, got: <DN>
where <DN> is the dn of the password to change.

I read several posts stating that the module would work with 2.2. If the cause is likely the that I'm using .15, I'll upgrade. I'm reluctant, though, since SuSE uses rpm, which I loathe. I've spent enough time trying to wrestle a heimdal srpm into working with the binary rpms in the past few days.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. Would a patch for debugging code for the module be accepted?