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Re: Multimaster support in OpenLDAP

At 07:48 AM 6/2/2005, Shawn Kennedy wrote:
>Given we don't want to discuss on this list 
>the *other* package, I'm very interested 
>in learning about multimaster support in
>OpenLDAP. Other than a few comments in the
>Administrator's Guide, I don't see anything
>about how to set up and use such a beast
>in openLDAP.   Can anyone give me a few
>pointers on how to set this up beyond
>the config option of "--enable_mulitmaster"?

That option does not exist in any modern version
of OpenLDAP Software.  While the remains of the old,
experimental MMR code remains in slapd(8), it does
so only in hopes that someone might work on it,
document how it works, etc..   Likely the mention
of this code in the admin guide should be removed.