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Re: slapd/bdb stability problem


Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> writes:

> --On Thursday, June 02, 2005 12:42 PM +0200 Steffen Hansen
> <steffen@klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> We use OpenLDAP in the Kolab project, but after switching to the bdb
>> backend there have been several reports about stability problems. Slapd
>> sometimes seems to hang when someone tries to write to the database
>> (for example with ldapadd).
>> The complete description is available at
>> https://intevation.de/roundup/kolab/issue707
>> Currently we use openldap-2.2.23 and db- Do you have any
>> suggestions on how I can get to the bottom of this problem? Anyone else
>> having similar problems? I'm out of ideas here, so any kind of help or
>> suggestion is greatly appreciated.
> Have you configured a DB_CONFIG file?  BDB definitely will have issues
> with any decent size database if you have not configured the database
> properly.

Yes there is a DB_CONFIG file, but to my understanding the reason is,
that openldap has been build with pth while BerkleyDB has been build
with libpthread.

> Also, OpenLDAP-2.2.23 is a little old now (2.2.26 is the current
> stable release).

Well, Kolab is based on OpenPKG and they haven't released 2.2.26 yet.


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