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Re: slapd/bdb stability problem

Steffen Hansen wrote:


We use OpenLDAP in the Kolab project, but after switching to the bdb backend there have been several reports about stability problems. Slapd sometimes seems to hang when someone tries to write to the database (for example with ldapadd).

The complete description is available at https://intevation.de/roundup/kolab/issue707

Currently we use openldap-2.2.23 and db- Do you have any suggestions on how I can get to the bottom of this problem? Anyone else having similar problems? I'm out of ideas here, so any kind of help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

First, upgrade to the current (2.2.26) release. Next, make sure you run the un-stripped built binary, so the symbol table remains. If the hang occurs again, attach with gdb and get a backtrace of all the active threads. I note that your original builds were using GNU Pth, which has not been well-supported since they shifted to NGPT. Your best bet is to just use the default Posix thread library (NPTL or LinuxThreads).

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