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Re: Syncrepl vs. replication

matthew sporleder wrote:

Wouldn't this require at least one back-dbd/back-hdb server to be
configured?  Or am I misunderstanding the second part of this
statement (from the 2.2 admin guide):

While slapd (8) can function as the LDAP Sync provider only when it is
configured with either back-bdb or back-hdb backend, the syncrepl
engine, which is a consumer-side replication engine, can work with any

I read this to mean the "master", which provides the info for syncing,
must run one of those backends?

Since you're quoting the 2.2 Admin Guide, that's only talking about the 2.2 implemention of the syncrepl provider, which is obsolete. The 2.3 provider works with pretty much any backend. It is known to work with back-bdb/hdb, back-ldbm, and back-sql, for example.

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