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Re: Syncrepl vs. replication

Wouldn't this require at least one back-dbd/back-hdb server to be
configured?  Or am I misunderstanding the second part of this
statement (from the 2.2 admin guide):

While slapd (8) can function as the LDAP Sync provider only when it is
configured with either back-bdb or back-hdb backend, the syncrepl
engine, which is a consumer-side replication engine, can work with any

I read this to mean the "master", which provides the info for syncing,
must run one of those backends?

> The slurpd replication mechanism probably ran out of steam a long time
> ago. I'm on the verge of completely replacing it with syncrepl in 2.3,
> as slurpd itself is not viable in the dynamic config environment.