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Question about launching Windows-OpenLDAP as a windows service


The newsgroup for the windows version of OpenLDAP is not very active
so I was hoping that this might be a good place to post this ad since
this is about OpenLDAP.

The Windows installation of OpenLDAP has a command "slapd install"
that installs OpenLDAP as a windows service. However, just running
this command sets up OpenLDAP to run against the default port (389)
and without using SSL.

What I want to do is be able to specify the complete URL to use (i.e.
like is done with the -h option in -- slapd -h
"ldaps://localhost:636"). Does anyone here know of a way to install
OpenLDAP as a windows service and override the port/ssl to use? (The
-h option doesn't work as I've tried several ways of adding that into
the "slapd install" command).

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.