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Re: Which OS

On Tue, 31 May 2005, Edward De Jongh wrote:

Hi all we are about to deploy OpenLDAP to production and would like to
know which linux OS is the best. I appreciate that this usually boils
down to personal preference, but would still like to hear from this
group before we make a final decision. I have built and deployed
everything on RHES3 and must say it was far from pretty and seemed much
more difficult than my original Debian implementation. Now that we are
about to go live I approached our linux admins and they were horrified
at the thought of going with RH and gave some reasons, but nothing
substantial. Any advice, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

This isn't a vote for "which linux OS is the best" (nor is this the place for such a discussion) but simply a data point for you:

We are currently running OpenLDAP 2.2.23 (back-bdb) on RHES 3 Tarroon
Update 4. I built the RPMs from Fedora Core 3's OpenLDAP source
RPM after editing the spec file to use OL 2.2.23 and BDB 4.2.52,
and to create the OL 2.0 client lib RPM needed to let the default
RHES 3 LDAP clients (like nss_ldap) continue to work. We just use
simple binds so I wasn't concerned that the spec file builds slapd
against the problematic MIT Kerberos libs that come with RHEL 3.

This combination has worked very well here.

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