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Re: slapd stopped listening to network

What kind of backend do you use? If you are using bdb, I've seen such
behaviour sometimes as well, _if_ slapd was shutdown uncleanly (eg.
server lockup).

what helped _for us_ was this:

1. be sure that slapd is not running (ps auxw | grep slapd)
2. change to your ldap data directory
3. perform a db_recovery
4. when it's successfully done (=no strange error messages) fire up 
   slapd again

happy hacking

Udo Rader

BestSolution.at GmbH

On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 23:07 +0400, `VL wrote:
> Problem:                                                                        
>         slapd doesn`t listen on 389 port,i`m unable to connect to directory.    
> Info:                                                                           
> Once, i was unable to receive mail about regular backups. I explored            
> the problem and found that postfix was unable to lookup names in ldap,          
> so deliver failed.                                                              
> When i checked slapd, i found that it doesn`t listen to 389 port. Very          
> strange, because i didn`t change anything in ldap setup and did not enable      
> any firewalling software. 
> Here is what netstat shows:
> netstat -apl                                                                    
> Active Internet connections (servers and established)                           
> Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State       
> tcp        0      0 mail.vc.lan:imap        *:*                     LISTEN      
> tcp        0      0 mail.vc.lan:domain      *:*                     LISTEN      
> .........
> unix  2      [ ]         DGRAM                    78342  19430/slapd            
> ..
> this is only line about slapd. Nmap shows all ports closed. I`ve
> written small server program,
> that only listens to port 389 - it works fine, so i`m sure that
> machine network is avaliable for system processes.
> openldap2-2.2.15-5.1                                                            
> openldap2-client-2.2.15-5.1 
> distro is suse prof 9.1, updated to suse 9.2.
> I`ve made a lot of debug work, but still can`t understand what`s
> happening on the machine. If you need any debug info, it`s avaliable.
> bug? is reproducable. Also, i have second machine with suse 9.1 and
> almost same config, slapd works fine there.
> I`m going to try compiling all ldap software from source with latest
> versions and see what it gives, but i`m still want to understand where
> problem is and don`t want to reinstall all the system, following
> windows way.
> If you have any thoughts on this problem, please comment. Your help
> greatly appreciated.
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