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Re: fax matching rule

On 05/24/2005 06:50 AM, Johann Botha wrote:

Which matching rule should be used for the fax attribute?

using openldap 2.2.26

from reading RFC 2256 it seems fax should not have a matching rule.

Is there a matching rule I can use?

In OpenLDAP 2.2, things were changed so that to create a fax matching rule you have to modify the code. I have done so for the RPM's I maintain for UVM's OL implementation on RHEL3 and am willing to provide you the patch deck if you want it.

I have not (nor will I) submit the patch deck to OL for inclusion because as you noted, the RFC doesn't define any matching rules, so what I have done and you are requesting violates the RFC.

Frank Swasey