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Re: ldap_getfilter

At 01:10 PM 5/17/2005, Eric Irrgang wrote:
>So, why did such functionality get removed?

I don't recall off-hand.

>Is it inherently problematic?

Likely the mechanism (and/or its implementation) that provided
the functionality was problematic.

>Is there some gorilla lurking in the closet if I were to borrow the old code
>for a new project?


>I would like to learn from whatever experiences caused
>the disappearence of these tools, but, like I said, I can't find any
>commentary in the archives or CVS comments.  Maybe I haven't stumbled
>across the right search criteria yet.

I presume there is some discussion or indication of the reasons
in the archives.  We generally don't axe code without discussion
(and almost all discussions, especially of this nature, take place
on publicly archived lists).

>Is there someone out there who could fill me in on some history or point
>me at relevant archeological treasures or cross-reference information.

Maybe someone else recalls the history...