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Re: ldap_getfilter

On Tue, 17 May 2005, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

>ldap_getfilter(3) was removed ages ago.  See the archives for
>discussions as to why.  Apparently a reference was left by mistake.

That's largely what I was asking for.  I've been digging through archives
of mailing list conversations, CVS comments, etcetera, and I can't find
discussions about abandoning ldap_getfilter.  As recently as 2001 it was
on the to-do list.  Then in December of 2002 you refiled an ITS about
documentation for ldap_getfilter after having removed the code in August.

I can't find any discussion as to why ldap_getfilter and ldapfilter.conf
were dropped or what replaced them.  Could someone please point me at such
a discussion?

Perhaps I should restate my question:

In the absence of ldap_getfilter, is there an OpenLDAP mechanism to take
a configuration file like the classical ldapfilter.conf and build filters
according to its contents?  Or is this left as an exercise to the user?

Eric Irrgang - UT Austin ITS Unix Systems - (512)475-9342