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Re: JLDAP and Sync Replication

At 12:18 PM 5/16/2005, James Courtney wrote:
>Does anyone know if the "Intermediate Response Message" described in rfc
>3771 (Zeilenga) is implemented to any extent in the JDLAP libraries to
>this point?  How about the "Sync Replication" controls specified in

See the last paragraph of my response to your previous

>If these are not available, does OpenLDAP have any support for the
>persistent search control (psearch, draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-03.txt)?

If there are any shreds of psearch support left in slapd(8),
its likely limited to HEAD and quite experimental.  LDAP
Sync should be used instead.

>Forgive my ignorance but who truly owns the JLDAP code base now? 

Well, JLDAP (originally developed by Novell) is part of OpenLDAP
Software (but distributed separately).  That is, it is software
developed by the OpenLDAP Project (an activity organized of the
OpenLDAP Foundation).  The OpenLDAP Project is a community-based
effort, of which many organizations and individuals participate
in.   Technical direction ownership belongs to the developers who
actively contribute.   At present, we have contributions for JLDAP
from a number of folks, but Novell folks remain active in JLDAP.
Others are welcomed to contribute.

>How active is development on it?

I saw a few JLDAP commit messages go by this morning...
but we could always have some more.  (More review is
also welcomed, I note that we have a few JLDAP contributions
which have not been committed due to lack of community

>How regularly are releases cut and will these releases be done through
>Novell or the OpenLDAP Foundation?

At present, the OpenLDAP Project only provides JLDAP through
its CVS repository.  Packaged releases are available from
Novell and possibly others.   As the OpenLDAP JLDAP effort
grows, the Project may start to package JLDAP for regular