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JLDAP and Sync Replication

Does anyone know if the "Intermediate Response Message" described in rfc
3771 (Zeilenga) is implemented to any extent in the JDLAP libraries to
this point?  How about the "Sync Replication" controls specified in

If these are not available, does OpenLDAP have any support for the
persistent search control (psearch, draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-03.txt)?

Forgive my ignorance but who truly owns the JLDAP code base now?  Novell
or the OpenLDAP Foundation?  How active is development on it?  How
regularly are releases cut and will these releases be done through
Novell or the OpenLDAP Foundation?

Thanks for your help!


James Courtney
Member of the Technical Staff, Elemental Security