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Re: v2.2.24 structural object class modification not allowed

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> Again: You only have to sanitize your data exactly once. If your LDAP
>> apps continously write broken data into your server get your apps fixed.
> The question was what happens if you need to add
> structural object class sometime down the road (for example, years after
> LDAP database was designed, business needs changed in unpredictable
> way).

Such a situation is a data migration which should be carefully planned
for important production systems anyway.

> BTW, searching Google for this type of violation, I don't recall seeing
> this type of problem discussed for other LDAP implementations.

Which is not relevant when such a restriction in a LDAP implementation
is fully backed by a standard.

> Is it that Sun/Netscape/Microsoft users are more standard conformant,


> or is OpenLDAP the only (or one of the few) LDAP server out there to
> implement this restriction?


Ciao, Michael.