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Re: v2.2.24 structural object class modification not allowed

Michael Ströder wrote:
Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

Althogh it would be violation of the standard, it might be usefull
feature in slapd to have run time option to allow addition/removals of
structural object classes.

I disagree. We already have enough configuration options hard enough to explain.

It would be an rather easy to explain option.

The option would allow LDAP
administrator to restructure his objects (if/when needed) without the
need to dump/reload all entries in database.

The administrator can simply delete the entry and re-add it with appropriate structural object class chain. This feature is not necessary.

Everyting can be done if you drop the database, and recreate it from scratch. You can even do more drastic changes that way, like change database backend... However, there are some issues with this. First is the downtime. Second is that dumping/readding entire database would probably have more severe impact on performance, then simply adding an attribute to existing object. This may escalate if replication is also involved. An simple change may escalate into something than needs very carefull planning.

Even if it needs to be done to the single entry (as opposed to the entire database), AFAIK you can't perform an atomic delete/add operation on an entry. It seems that dash thing works only for modify changetype in LDIF. I mostly access LDAP servers through various APIs, meaning my knowledge of command-line LDAP tools is somewhat limited. So I've also looked at PHP API, and couldn't find any function that would allow atomic delete/add operation. If it was possible, yeah, sure, it would be the right way to go. And sure, I would be very happy and gratefull if somebody would tell me I was wrong, and that it is possible to perform this as an atomic operation (as long as he/she also tells me how to do it ;-).

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