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Re: v2.2.24 structural object class modification not allowed

Michael Ströder wrote:

Again: You only have to sanitize your data exactly once. If your LDAP
apps continously write broken data into your server get your apps fixed.

It wasn't the question of broken applications. The applications might be perfectly OK. The question was what happens if you need to add structural object class sometime down the road (for example, years after LDAP database was designed, business needs changed in unpredictable way). In that case it could be handy if it was possible to simply add new objectclass entry, wouldn't it?

BTW, searching Google for this type of violation, I don't recall seeing this type of problem discussed for other LDAP implementations. Is it that Sun/Netscape/Microsoft users are more standard conformant, or is OpenLDAP the only (or one of the few) LDAP server out there to implement this restriction?

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