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Re: how to set entry cache

but "how to work out what works best for your system"
if I have import 10k entry data to bdb,then dn2id.bdb+id2entry.bdb=500MB,Can I think a entry = 500/10000 MB??

"idlcachesize Specify the size of the in-memory index cache, in index slots."what is index slots?
if I have 10k entry,and config 
index   objectClass     eq
index   cn,sn   pres,eq,sub

then the max index slots is 10k*3 or 10k or 3?and how to work out how large is one index slots?

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> I know cachesize <integer>
>            Specify the size in entries of the in-memory entry cache
>            maintained by the BDB backend database instance.  The default
> is            1000 entries.
> but I didn't know how large in byte is one entry or one index.so I didn't
> know how to set cachesize in slapd.conf due to my machine memory.

That is why I said there is no "right" setting for those two parameters. 
*YOU* have to experiment and work out what works best for your system.


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