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how to set entry cache

I am using bdb as openldap's backend.
I have notice the FAQ How do I determine the proper BDB/HDB database cache size?(http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1075.html)

due to the document,I understand:
1、when I have enough memory,set cache size to all *.bdb
2、when I have not enough memory,set cache size to:
db data size:
(Number of internal pages in dn2id.bdb* dn2id.bdb's page size + Number of internal pages in id2entry.bdb* id2entry.bdb's page size) 
 index size:
(Number of hash buckets + number of overflow pages + number of duplicate pages) * page size / 2. 

Am I right?

And the FAQ didn't say how to set cachesize and index cache size in slapd.conf?