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Re: Question mark in place of attribute name?

On Thu, 21 Apr 2005 09:04:22 -0400
Michael.Smith@domino1.cuny.edu wrote:

> This is a stupid newbie question, I'm sure, and this 
> probably isn't the place to ask it either, but my openLDAP 
> server is getting search requests from a Websphere instance 
> that look like this (this is the log entry, not the line trace): 
> SRCH base="uid=foo,ou=people,dc=bar,dc=com" 
>         scope=0
>         deref=3
>         filter="(|(objectClass=*)(?=undefined))" 
> What's with this "?=undefined" thing? Is this a legit 
> search syntax? What does it mean? 
> Thanks in advance for all the light I'm sure will be shed -- 

I saw this behavior when using nss_ldap on Solaris. When nss_ldap tried to 
look up this query:


the ldap showed this in the logs:

    filter: (&(objectClass=nisNetgroup)(|(?=undefined)(?=undefined)\

Note that nisNetgroupTriple *was* an attribute defined in nis.schema
which was included in the config file.

However, the original description was this:

   attributetype ( NAME 'nisNetgroupTriple'
        DESC 'Netgroup triple'
        SYNTAX )

I changed it to this:

   attributetype ( NAME 'nisNetgroupTriple'
        DESC 'Netgroup triple'
        EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match
        SUBSTR caseExactIA5SubstringsMatch
        SYNTAX )

and the problem went away.


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