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slapd just silently dies

Hi. We are using openldap-2.2.15 built from source hosted on RHES3. I know that 2.2.24 is the current version, but I don't think we are too far behind the curve. Would prefer to not upgrade if possible, but we are open to it.

Anyway, here is our problem. We have a master openldap server running 2.2.15. The server runs both slapd and slurpd. In the past few weeks, we have seen slapd just die. We can't find any errors in /var/log/messages or /var/log/openldap.log (where we have slapd messages going via syslog). Frankly, we don't know why slapd is dying.

I would like some pointers on troubleshooting the situation. Currently, I have loglevel set to 256. I can increase the loglevel, but it's hard to leave the loglevel on a high value for long since the log file will grow VERY rapidly. Right now we can't pin down the exact cause or timing of slapd dying, so I would need to leave loglevel high for a while.

Anyway, any known issues that would cause this for 2.2.15? Any suggestions for troubleshooting this problem?