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Configuring slapd.conf for SSL


I installed the windows version of OpenLDAP and am trying to configure
SSL. Here is what I have added into my slapd.conf. However, when I try
to connect to it using ldapbrowser, I get a connection failure. I
tried both 636 and 389, but neither of the ports are working. On 636
actually the ldapbrowser hangs for a minute, I guess trying to
establish a connection, but then it finally fails.

TLSVerifyClient never
TLSCertificateFile "C:/Program Files/OpenLDAP-secure/certs/server.pem"
TLSCertificateKeyFile "C:/Program Files/OpenLDAP-secure/certs/serverkey.pem"
TLSCACertificateFile "C:/Program Files/OpenLDAP-secure/certs/CA.pem"

This is the only change I made to the file for SSL. Is there any other
change I need to make, or any flag I need to set when launching
slapd.exe so that ldaps is enabled? All the files mentioned above

Thanks in advance,