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Re: Problem loading 100K entries into OpenLDAP2.2.24

> Mavric Domen ITWEN5 wrote:
> >  Hello,
> >
> >  I've performed some tests with 2.3.2 beta release and in general it
> >  works better, slapd stays alive, but it still takes about 200 MB of
> >  memory and it does NOT free it after the loading.
> That is normal; you can reduce the entry cachesize in slapd.conf if you 
> want it to keep less memory.
I think it is strange!!
After loading,
free memory reduce size = data file size
And the size have relation with slapd.conf,only affected by data file size.
Even restart slapd,the free memory size didn't increase.

> >  Also the log files are still not removed after the checkpoints, this
> >  is also the case when doing manual checkpoint and "db_archive -d".
> >  There are 104 log files in DB_HOME directory, each of 10MB. The only
> >  way to clear the logs is to shutdown the server.
> >
> >  What else I should check? I've run out of ideas to solve this
> >  problem.
> You need an additional patch to BerkeleyDB and to back-bdb. The 
> BerkeleyDB patch is here
> http://www.openldap.org/devel/cvsweb.cgi/build/BerkeleyDB42.patch
> and the back-bdb patch is in CVS HEAD, back-bdb/cache.c.
> The BerkeleyDB patch file will be distributed in the next 2.3 beta 
> release, and the back-bdb patch will of course be present as well.
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