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Re: Problem loading 100K entries into OpenLDAP2.2.24

Mavric Domen ITWEN5 wrote:


 I've performed some tests with 2.3.2 beta release and in general it
 works better, slapd stays alive, but it still takes about 200 MB of
 memory and it does NOT free it after the loading.

That is normal; you can reduce the entry cachesize in slapd.conf if you want it to keep less memory.

 Also the log files are still not removed after the checkpoints, this
 is also the case when doing manual checkpoint and "db_archive -d".
 There are 104 log files in DB_HOME directory, each of 10MB. The only
 way to clear the logs is to shutdown the server.

 What else I should check? I've run out of ideas to solve this

You need an additional patch to BerkeleyDB and to back-bdb. The BerkeleyDB patch is here


and the back-bdb patch is in CVS HEAD, back-bdb/cache.c.

The BerkeleyDB patch file will be distributed in the next 2.3 beta release, and the back-bdb patch will of course be present as well.

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