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RE: filter problem

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

> what about the definition of objectClass "xxxxIntranetPerson" ?

you mean the definition in the schema? I would have to take nearly
everything out there before posting... but it is in there, like this:

objectClass ( NAME 'xxxxIntranetPerson' SUP
top STRUCTURAL MAY ( lots of attributes ) X-ORIGIN 'user-defined' )

> would a slapcat/slapadd of the database, or at least a
> slapindex, cure the problem?  I'm trying to figure out if, by
> chance, your indices for objectClass got somehow corrupted.

I already did a slapindex, didn't help... with slapcat/-add you mean like
dumping and reimporting?

What I did for a test already: I changed the dn from

then the search worked with the custom objectClass. Which confuses me even