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Re: filter problem


extern.Lars.Oeschey@AUDI.DE writes:

> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> > what about the definition of objectClass "xxxxIntranetPerson" ?
> you mean the definition in the schema? I would have to take nearly
> everything out there before posting... but it is in there, like this:
> objectClass ( NAME 'xxxxIntranetPerson' SUP
> top STRUCTURAL MAY ( lots of attributes ) X-ORIGIN 'user-defined' )
> > would a slapcat/slapadd of the database, or at least a
> > slapindex, cure the problem?  I'm trying to figure out if, by
> > chance, your indices for objectClass got somehow corrupted.
> I already did a slapindex, didn't help... with slapcat/-add you mean like
> dumping and reimporting?
> What I did for a test already: I changed the dn from
> uid=bvmaster,ou=Access,ou=xxxx
> to
> cn=bvmaster,ou=Access,ou=xxxx
> then the search worked with the custom objectClass. Which confuses me even
> more.

The attribute 'uid' is not part of your objectclass chain, but I can't
remember wether 'uid' where part of core.schema or of cosine.schema in
those vintage days. Depending on the schema files you included, or not
included, there might have been be no attributetype description
You really should update to a more recent OpenLDAP version, but be
warned that you may run into trouble with your object class


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