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ldapsearch - Segmentation Fault


  I have now another problem. When I try to connect using ldaps, I do not get 
the connection and obtain a segmentation fault. Without ssl, ldapsearch works 
very well. Here the commands and files I gave in:

ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldaps://mydomain:636 cn=* -W
=> Segmentation Fault
ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldaps://mydomain:636 cn=*
=> Segmentation Fault
ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldap://mydomain:389 cn=* -x    
=> works well

My ldap.conf looks like this:
# $OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/libraries/libldap/ldap.conf,v 1.9 2000/09/04 19:57:01 
kurt Exp $
# LDAP Defaults

# See ldap.conf(5) for details
# This file should be world readable but not world writable.

URI     ldaps://mydomain:636

# Instruct Client not to request a server's cert.

#Define location of CA Cert
TLS_CACERT /etc/ssl/certs/TrustedRootCert.pem
TLS_CACERTDIR /etc/ssl/certs/certs

#SIZELIMIT      12
#TIMELIMIT      15
#DEREF          never

I got the certificate in DER format and converted it in PEM format with openss 
x509. Could it be the problem? I get the certificate from the admin and have 
no way to know how the eDirectory server is configured. 

Do someone have any idea what I made wrong?

Thx in advance.