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Re: ldapsearch - Segmentation Fault

At 12:51 AM 4/13/2005, Nicolas Drosson wrote:
>ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldaps://mydomain:636 cn=* -W
>=> Segmentation Fault
>ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldaps://mydomain:636 cn=*
>=> Segmentation Fault
>ldapsearch -D "cn=myuser,ou=myou,o=myo" -H ldap://mydomain:389 cn=* -x    
>=> works well 

I note that the arguments to ldapsearch appear not to be
provided in the proper order.  As shown, -W and -x appear to
be provided as <attrs>.  See ldapsearch(1) for details.

Also, * is special to many shells.  If special to yours,
you should escape it.  See the document for your shell.

I also note that 2.1 is historic.  You should consider
upgrading to at least the latest stable release of OpenLDAP