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Microsoft AD Schema files for OpenLDAP broken


I couldn't find any resolution to this issue on the mailing list
archives, so am posting this message.

I am trying to launch OpenLDAP using the schema files for Microsoft's
Active Directory that came with the OpenLDAP installation. However, I
keep getting syntax errors when launching the server (as was found by
others on this mailing list). (Perhaps my installation is a little

For example:
C:/Program Files/OpenLDAP-testing/schema/microsoft.schema: line 17:
AttributeType not found: "remoteSource"

There are supposedly several more such errors that come up if this one
were to be fixed. There was mention on the mailing list that the
schema files were being worked on to fix these problems but I didn't
find any mention of the final fixed versions.

I wanted to inquire if anyone could point me to a fully "working" set
of AD schema files that I could use with OpenLDAP.

Thanks in advance,