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Re: unifying with back_meta for DNS

"Alejandro Mery" <amery@geeks.cl> writes:

> >
> > Alejandro Mery <amery@geeks.cl> writes:
> >
> >> ldapsearch cant search across namingContexts even if i set -b ''. it
> >> needs a complete base to perform the search of alternativeDomain used
> >> by ldapdns (2.06) to generate SOA answers. so i need a virtual context
> >> joining all this domains.
> >>
> >> dc=domain1,ou=DNS dc=domain2,ou=DNS dc=domain3,ou=DNS
> >>
> >> this is what i understood i should do, but i can't get slapd to do what
> >>  i want. what am i doing wrong?
> >
> > I must admit I don't get your point, are you referring to back-dnsserv
> > or are you referring to BIND-9.x and sdb-ldap? If you are referring to
> > BIND-9 and sdb-ldap we should move the
> > discussion to dns-ldap@uninett.no
> no, i want to learn to use back_meta for this and for many other things.
> this was just the simpler example.
> can you help me to find what is wrong in my database meta config? i read,
> and re-read to documentation about it but i can't understand what i'm
> doing wrong.

A simple configuration for back-meta you may find here

The uppercase suffices are presented by meta backend, while the lower
case suffices are the remote servers.
Due to the fact that back-ldap is still actively developed, I would
suggest to experiment with stacked back-ldap, something like

database ldap
suffix cn=people,dc=example,dc=com
uri ldap://some.host

database ldap
suffix cn=dns,dc=example,dc=com
uri ldap://other.host

database bdb
suffix dc=example,dc=com


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