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Re: can't get back_meta/rewrite working

"Alejandro Mery" <amery@geeks.cl> writes:

> Hi, i'll rephrase my problem
> having three working bdb databases:
> dc=client1
> dc=client2
> dc=client3
> each with an ou=A,dc=$client
> and i want to create a read-only virtual ou=A, to look like: dc=$client,ou=A
> backend meta
> ...
> database meta
> rewriteEngine on
> rewriteContext default
> rewriteRule "(.*)dc=client1,ou=A$" "%1ou=A,dc=client1"
> rewriteRule "(.*)dc=client2,ou=A$" "%1ou=A,dc=client2"
> rewriteRule "(.*)dc=client3,ou=A$" "%1ou=A,dc=client3"

You want to achieve rewriting of attributes in reversed order, that
is, as far as I know, not possible.


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