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Re: Schema

At 06:49 PM 4/6/2005, Matt Juszczak wrote:
>How does openldap behave if you use all the fields in a schema (such as sn) for some users, but others, sn is left blank (or just not set).

If the LDAP/X.500 directory model and controlling subschema
allows but doesn't require the attribute to be present, then
slapd(8) will allow but require the attribute to be present.
Suggest you read up on the LDAP/X.500 directory model.  See
the General LDAP FAQ for reading suggestions.

>Does this create a problem, or is that theoretically a good feature of openldap and I wont run into problems doing something like that?

It doesn't create a problem with slapd(8) or any OpenLDAP
client.  Whether it creates or not a problem in other
programs is a topic for lists specific to each particular