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Use of openLDAP LDAP servers with Sun Java Directory proxy Server

Hi !

   We have been working with Sun Java Directory products (Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2 
nd Directory proxy Server 5.2) for some years. We have developed some "distribution plugins"
running in the Directory proxy. It is used to reach several deployed LDAP servers (Sun Java DS
technology), all of them managing the same DIT and schema (and all of them hidden to the LDAP client,
which sends the LDAP operations to the directory proxy server)

   I would like to know if I can integrate LDAP repositories based on openLDAP technology  in this kind
of solutions. I have checked with ethereal that the Sun Directory proxy server is sending LDAPv3 operations
to the Directory servers, but I am not sure if there are some Sun propietary extensions in the distribution mechanism
implemented in the Sun directory proxy servers and in the Sun directory servers solutions avoiding to use this
Directory proxy server (running a distribution plugin) with LDAP servers based on openLDAP  technology (i.e. non
based on Sun technology)

   Thanks in advance.

Regards / Antonio