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Re: smbk5pwd breaks sambaLMPassword hashes

The LM hash code in that overlay is pretty much a straight copy of the liblutil/passwd.c LANman hash code. If this is producing the wrong result, please file an ITS with this information.

José M. Fandiño wrote:

Hello list,

As I said in my last mail smbk5pwd seems break this password:

The first 16 alphanumeric characters are correct whilst the 16 last
characters are wrong.

0182BD0BD4444BF8 - 36077A718CCDF409
0182BD0BD4444BF8 - E1B79117B9CF8DC5

The workaround was undefine DO_SAMBA, since I'm updating all
passwords from the PDC samba passwords are correctly filled
by samba without smbk5pwd intervention.


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