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TLS/SSL problems, server side certificate not recognized

I'm totally ignorant regarding ldap but I must configure it to use it in my company, I need to enable SSL/TLS for its use, either TLS over port 389 or SSL over port 636, but I can’t seem to make it work.

I’ve created a self signed certificate, as instructed in many FAQ and HOW-TO articles, but it doesn’t seem to work, I also created a CA and separated the certificate from the private key and added it to the server but still no success.

i need help, it looks like I’m a total idiot that’s why it doesn’t work, you cant help me with my stupidity but I hope you could help me to get SSL or TLS working.

Also what needs to be done on the client side, do I copy the created certificates or do I copy nothing?

I’m using:

Fedora Core 2

Openldap 2.2.13