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Re: Question, what is the correct tree???

I would recommend using an attribute within the user's object to
distinguish, instead of creating more branches in the tree.  In my
higher-ed environment, I keep all users under ou=people, and then have
an "affiliation" attribute that designates whether they are faculty,
staff, student, etc, and they may even have multiple of these
affiliations.  This, for me, is easier to use than trying to parse the
DN of a user to determine the role.

On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 12:33 +0100, Toper wrote:
> I'm installed OpenLDAP and I have a flat structure currently: dc=firm,dc=com, from which I have branches People, Group, Aliases etc..
> I have problem how to distinguish between manager and worker.
> Is it possible to make this structure
> dc=firm,dc=com
> ou=sales,dc=firm,dc=com
> ou=People,ou=sales,dc=firm,dc=com
>     in this position place manager
>     and after that make
> ou=worker,ou=People,ou=sales,dc=firm,dc=com
>     and in this position place workers?
> I would like to easy check who is worker and who is manager and give the manager wider rights.
> Question, what is the correct tree of LDAP for this situation?
> best regards
> Toper
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