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Re[4]: openldap db wiped?

JV> On Mar 7, 2005, at 9:49, Karolis Dautartas wrote:
>> Today I got an email from another openldap user who got his DB wiped
>> and all data lost. db_recover does not work for him either.

JV> Have you (or that other person) ever given any thought to *normal 
JV> backup procedures*, like (in case you have a BDB/HDB backend) running
JV> "slapcat" and saving the resulting LDIF for catastrophic cases?

personally I do slapcat-backup it every day. After having a nightmare
trying to recreate it from logs, I would never do this mistake again

Problem is, that I might not KNOW there is any data missing. If the
server is rebooted, ldap server would start automatically and I might
not even notice that several records have dissapeared.

It would be really nice if someone could give me an answer to this:

KD> If my system shuts down uncleanly again, and
KD> If openldap is started automatically at boot time and
KD> If I use "checkpoint 8 5" directive in my config file

KD> Will I only loose data since the last checkpoint (5 mins at most)
KD> or
KD> will I loose data since the last clean shutdown (can be 5 months).

KD> Should db_recover be run BEFORE slapd is started at all times?
KD> What happens if I start ldap, find out that the data is lost, and then
KD> run db_recover?