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Re: Openldap version (proxy cache) - results

> I confirm the fix is in 2.3 but not in 2.2 (essentially, I guess, because
> it was not the result of an ITS but rather of some development in the
> area).  If you can live with a patched build, get the diff between 1.31
> and 1.32 of servers/slapd/overlays/pcache.c from the CVS, otherwise I
> suggest you file an ITS.

Please disregard.  The reason this is not in 2.2 is the fix needs more
than that patch; it uses some infrastructure that allows callbacks to free
themselves as soon as they're no longer required, so, even if you succeed
in compiling the patched code (and you'd need to change it quite a bit)
you'd end up with a leaking cache.  I'm afraid you'll likely need to live
with the extra attr every time a query is being cached.


Pierangelo Masarati

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